Australia’s Learned Academies

Australia’s learned academies, executive councils and professional institutes play important roles in our society. They support professional development and networking, advance knowledge frontiers, and advocate for the better organisation of Australia’s economy and society. The National Academy Forum showcases the work of Australia’s peak organisations for academic and professional disciplines.

What Learned Academies Do

Learned academies draw on the expertise of leading academics and professionals in a given field. High-level members, usually called Fellows, are chosen or elected on the basis of achievement or outstanding qualifications.

Academies use the knowledge and skills of the Fellowship to guide development of a discipline and the surrounding governance arrangements. Academies support practitioners in a field, facilitate communication and professional development, carry out research, and advocate for better government or institutional policies and practices.

Leading Academies by Subject

Business – Australian Institute of Company Directors

Engineering – Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

Health – National Health and Medical Research Council

Humanities – Australian Academy of the Humanities

Law – Australian Academy of Law  (Family Law – Family Court Research)

Science – Australian Academy of Science

Social Sciences – Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Technology – Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering