About Us

The National Academy Forum promotes the contribution of Australia’s intellectual leaders to social policy and the education of professionals and the broader community. The Forum brings together, in one place, information about Australia’s learned academies and similar institutions.

We define a learned academy to include more than the traditional four learned academies, which are responsible for technological science and engineering, science, social sciences, and humanities.  We also acknowledge the roles of the relatively new Australian Academy of Law, the Health Council and the Institute of Company Directors in their respective subject areas.

There are also a number of peak organisations for fields of profession that act much like learned academies. As well as providing educational development and networking opportunities for members, they provide advocacy services, carry out research, and draw on the knowledge of outstanding contributors in the discipline. Examples can be found in health administration, Christian education and scholarly communication.

Our Forum has a fully inclusive approach that showcases the diversity of high-level academy activity in Australia and which aims to bring greater coordination to academy work. Each of the organisations highlighted in the Forum has the same essential goal of boosting knowledge and professional standards for the betterment of broader society.

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If you would like to contact the National Academy Forum, please get in touch using the contact details below.

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