Australian Institute of Company Directors‎.The Australian Institute of Company Directors‎ is the leading organisation for developing business management in Australia. The member-based, not-for-profit organisation aims to provide leadership on director issues. It promotes excellence in governance to benefit our economy and society.

Business Management Activities

The Institute’s main activities are

  • education, including running professional development programs and events for directors and boards
  • producing publications on director and governance issues
  • developing and advocating policies on issues of interest to directors.


The Institute has 6 types of membership and around 35,000 members.

  • University students are eligible to apply to be Affiliate Members.
  • Becoming a Member requires at least 2 years of experience in a director or equivalent role. University professors are also eligible.
  • Other categories are Graduate Members (for those who have completed the Company Directors Course or equivalent), Fellows, Life Fellows, and International.

Leadership Courses

The Institute runs a significant number of short courses and online courses. These are mainly focused on the role of being a company director. The Company Directors Course consists of the following modules:

  • Role of the Board and the Practice of Directorship
  • Decision Making
  • Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities
  • The Board’s Legal Environment
  • Risk: Issues for Boards
  • Strategy: The Board’s Role
  • Financial Literacy for Directors
  • Driving Financial Performance
  • Achieving Board Effectiveness
  • Learning into Practice.

MBA Courses

The principal education program for breaking into management or extending your executive skills is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. MBA degrees are offered by nearly all Australian universities as well as by some private institutions.

A good MBA program draws on the expertise of business leaders in its design and delivery. Programs typically take 3 semesters, although advanced or executive MBA degrees usually are 4 semesters worth of full-time study.

Statistics on the best MBA programs are available from Good Universities has found that the highest rated courses are often delivered by affordable, non-prestigious business schools.

Online Study Australia shows the best online MBA programs. Most MBA courses are delivered at least partly online. This helps cater to the high numbers of MBA students who are employed full time.