Australian Academy of Law.The Australian Academy of Law is a peak body that unites the academic, practising (private and public) and judicial sections of the legal community. Its elected members (Fellows) have achieved exceptional distinction in the discipline of law and are committed to its broad advancement.

Academy Objectives

The goals of the Academy, which are set out in full in its constitution, are to

  1. establish and advance funds for scholarships and research grants which advance legal education and the discipline of law and promote ethical conduct and professional responsibility
  2. promote high standards in legal scholarship, research, education and practice, and in the administration of justice
  3. promote ongoing improvement of the law and operation of the legal system
  4. promote high standards of ethical conduct and professional responsibility among members of the legal community, including the use of legal skills not merely for material personal reward but to serve society
  5. enhance understanding and observance of the rule of law, and community understanding of the role and function of law, lawyers, the legal profession, and the judiciary
  6. provide a forum for cooperation, collaboration, constructive debate and the exchange of views among all branches of the legal community.