National Scholarly Communications Forum

The National Scholarly Communications Forum is a body sponsored by four Australian learned academies, with a membership from a wide range of bodies representing academics, independent researchers, writers, librarians, publishers, together with specialists in copyright and in new media.

The aim of the Forum is to disseminate information changes to the context and structures of scholarly communication in Australia and to make recommendations on what a broad spectrum of participants see as the best developmental policies. To this end, it organises events and conferences where relevant issues are debated, future strategies proposed and outcomes recorded through a variety of forms of publications.

Digital and social media

The Forum us also concerned with new digital technologies. The electronic era has brought us open access journals, blogs, social media, open publishers (such as the Conversation) and new formats (including audio, video and animations). Measuring impact is a particular issue since the standard measure of research impact, citations, is limited. Only other academics cite consistently. Measures to quantify the impact of online marketing are in their infancy, although gives you a number between 1-100.


Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
Australian Academy of the Humanities
Australian Academy of Science
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Academies Library Committee
National Archives of Australia
Australian Society of Archivists
National Library of Australia
Council of Australian University Librarians
Council of Australian State Libraries
Australian Council of Library and Information Services
Australian Library and Information Association
Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology
Copyright Agency Limited
Australian Publishers Association
Australian Society of Authors
Internet Society of Australia
Independent Scholars Association of Australia