Technology and Engineering

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.Australian technology scientists and engineers are represented by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE). It is an independent, non-government organisation with more than 800 members (Fellows). ATSE aims to improve Australia’s future by supporting technological sciences, engineering and innovation.

Academy Objectives

According to its mission statement, ATSE aims to:

  • Advocate the application of technological sciences and engineering to innovation
  • Deliver robust, independent and trusted evidence-based advice on technological issues of national importance
  • Promote national and international collaboration in technological science, engineering and innovation
  • Celebrate the success of individuals and companies in technological innovation
  • Promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics education at secondary and tertiary levels.

ATSE Activities

In each of various subject areas, ATSE fellows and staff are active by

  • publishing research reports
  • presenting submissions to governments and other bodies
  • undertaking projects, such as those which foster research collaboration
  • bring fellows and others together in forums
  • organising events, such as lectures and conferences.

Position Statements

ATSE maintains policy position and action statements across the spectrum of technology, science and engineering disciplines. Highlights include the following.


ATSE calls for greater efforts to teach students in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields. It notes that Australia needs more STEM graduates to supply Australia’s existing and emerging industries.


ATSE advocates the consideration of nuclear energy as an option for Australia, emphasising the need for public debate to boost community knowledge. It also identifies opportunities for industry development with respect to the use of low-emission transport fuels.


ATSE observes that the high cost of treating chronic disease and conditions could be lessened by shifting healthcare efforts towards prevention. Administrators, clinicians and end-users should be helped to better understand the use and benefits of these new health technologies.


To be admitted as a Fellow of the Academy, a proposal for election must be signed by at least two ATSE Fellows and by up to three supporters who are preferably, but not necessarily, Fellows. All Fellows are financial members of the Academy.